First Aid Merit Badge
Internal Injuries Tests Question Pool
Question Pool
The question pool contains all of the available questions from which the written tests have been constructed. In other words, the tests were created by simply deleting some of the questions from the question pool. If a scout can correctly answer all of the questions in the question pool, he should easily pass the written test.

The question pool was constructed by creating 3-5 questions for each requirement. All of the answers to all of the questions are contained in the handout modules.

Because First Aid merit badge requires scouts to demonstrate specific skills, the question pool also lists all of those skills. To complete the badge, scouts should be prepared to demonstrate each skill in the list.

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Tests and Answer Keys
The tests and answer keys are not publicly available, for reasons which may occur to you. If you are a First Aid merit badge counsellor and you would like to use these materials, please email samc (at) troop50 (dot) org for access.

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