First Aid Merit Badge
Non-Life Threatening Injuries Shock CPR
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Second Class 6C: Show first aid for: Shock
What is Shock?
First Aid merit badge book, pages 8-9
Shock is the body's reaction to a serious injury. It is a general term that describes a weakening of the body's systems, especially the cardiovascular system, at a time when they are needed most.

A person in shock will often appear pale, have clammy skin and possibly cold sweats. The pulse will often be shallow and rapid. Breathing may also be very shallow. A person in shock may faint or vomit (or both). If shock is not treated, it can cause death.

Treating Shock
Treatment for shock should always come after taking care of the primary injuries.

To treat shock:

  1. Have the victim lie down and be calm. Start with no pillow.
  2. Cover him with a blanket.
  3. If his face is pale, elevate his feet. If his face is flush, elevate his head.
    If the face is pale, raise the tail. If the face is red, raise the head.
  4. Monitor his condition and write down what you see:
  5. Ask the victim for medical information: medical history, allergies, phone numbers of people to contact, etc.
  6. Talk to the victim and reassure him.

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